Get the high quality colored acrylic you need from MPI in full sheets or cut-to-your-size

Since September 1, 1983, Midwest Plastics has been the source for all of your Colored Acrylic needs.  Colored Acrylic generally gets grouped into four categories:

Transparent ACRYLIC colors can be seen through and are tinted in red, yellow, amber, green, and blue (and other colors) and are also available in fluorescent colors. Some colors are available in 1/16” thickness while most are available in 1/8”. Many are also available in 3/16” and ¼” thicknesses.

White ACRYLIC colors come in seven shades that range from 2447 (020-4) White which is a good lighting for light lenses, drawing tables, and more to 7328 (015-2) White which is a sign white but is almost opaque. Thicknesses include 1/16”, x1/8”, 3/16”, and ¼”, Some Whites are also available in 3/8” and ½”.


Solar-tinted ACRYLIC colors are often referred to as “smoked plastic” and are available in two Bronzes (2412 and 2370)  and Gray (2064 and 2074). The solar tints allow about 23% and 15% light transmittance depending on the shade you select.


Colored Acrylic sheet (PMMA) can be cut, thermo-formed (bent), holes and shapes may be drilled or machined, edges can be routed to a smooth finish or flame polished to an extremely glossy edge.